What is our product?
Our product is a subscription account in the AGPOSTER system (a tool for automatic publication of Facebook groups and pages).
There are several types of packages with different capabilities according to the user’s needs and we lovingly provide 15% profit from each package sale. The end customer is only in front of us and you have no hand in the matter.
Who can be our partner?
Our partner system is suitable for anyone with a business card in Israel.
Exempt Dealer, Authorized Dealer, Company Ltd.
Even if you do not have a business you can always be our affiliate and create a very significant income channel that can with an investment of several hours a week.
All that is required of you is to open an income tax exempt file and receive a valid Israeli business card (absolutely free)
The reason for this is simple. We, as business owners, pay you sales commissions and our payment is the expense of a business for which we conduct a calculated annual accounting with the IRS, exactly what you will do when you own a business.
If you are a salaried employee, you have the right as residents of the State of Israel to open an exempted business portfolio and work with us. The accounting practice is with your accountant and is carried out once a year by submitting a report.
Opening an account on the system requires a manager’s approval. Each registered user must do several things:
Enter his email and confirm the registration correctly
Send to our e-mail, a copy of your dealer’s certificate.
If all these actions are not taken, your account will not be approved as partners in our system.

How does the sale take place?
You do not have to convince people by phone, you do not even need to identify yourself. Everything is done anonymously. So if you want a very nice income and remain anonymous, it is certainly right for you. Of course, if you want to market with full identification, there is no problem, of course.
Our partner program is the same as any “work from home" definition, since you work only from your computer, distribute the unique link you receive from us and from there everything works completely automated. We reward our partners very generously and enable all partners to profit from any product sold through them.
How It Works?
You sign up for our partner system and have access to a very rich management panel.
You receive a unique link to our product page and any person who arrives at our page via your link will be considered as your failure and will be seen on the management panel. Once the customer purchases a package you will immediately see the reward on your management panel.
We also keep cookies for 365 days (!) So that even if the customer does not register immediately, he will still be counted as yours.

How do I get the money?
Eligibility for payment will take place if the customer does not cancel his account during the period of his refund – 14 business days thereafter.
You invoice us for payment and we pay only your PAYPAL address, which is entered into the system.
They will not pay money to an address other than the one you entered in the Partner Management Panel.
Important highlights for the new partner
Eligibility for payment will take place if the customer does not cancel his account during the period of his refund and 14 business days thereafter.
(Ie a customer who cancels the transaction during the 7 days of his refund period, no payment will be made for him, of course)
Payment will be made only for a valid transaction invoice.
A registered and approved partner on the system is a user who has confirmed their email address, completed the registration process correctly, and sent us a clear copy of their business card to our support address at An active partner must be a legitimate business owner in Israel as explained in the opening section of the article.
To login to the Partner Management Panel click here
Good luck to all partners

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