AGPOSTER is a cloud software whose sole purpose is to replace the manual publisher with a completely automatic publication that is not dependent on an open browser and a computer that is running automatically.
The system works with Facebook only and all campaigns are done through your Facebook account.
* You can add unlimited Facebook accounts and create hundreds and thousands of campaigns simultaneously in all accounts, the system operates independently.
* There are security and encryption mechanisms for published posts, which in most cases prevent falling into Facebook’s spam network, correct and logical account management will create continuous and convenient work over the years.
* You can create campaigns that include images / video / links / text / icons / link to landing pages and more ….
* The system allows you to create unlimited campaigns, set them a date and time to start and end advertising, set them which groups and pages to publish, and confirm the beginning of advertising.
* The campaign will automatically publish exactly where it is defined, finish and restart again if it has been set to cycle once a day, two days, etc.
* The system displays a statistics report on the same campaign, how many publications have succeeded or failed, and direct links to watch advertising on Facebook.
The user of the system is entitled to support and updates for free and without additional charge throughout the subscription period.
There is a trial account that works the same way and without restrictions as a regular account.
After the trial period is required to purchase a subscription.
Who is the system suitable for?
* For people who work from home and want to promote their posts automatically without sitting on the computer for many hours.
* Realtors who raise a fobet of the property they promote and post automatic runs in thousands of groups, the realtor just gets phones and wastes precious time on the computer.
* A business owner who wants to promote his own business on Facebook, creates a campaign of image video, campaign promotions and more, sets timing and the campaign runs automatically and the owner is concentrated in his work without distractions.
* Every person selling products in EBAY / AMAZON and more, creates a campaign for each product and decides to run automatically and in the meantime deals with entertainment and leisure with the family and does not sit hours on the computer and outside if there are invitations today or not (because I did not sit to publish manually).
* And dozens of other types of businesses and businesses that the system simply cuts them off from the computer, and does all the marketing / advertising / lead-collecting work for them while they breathe life, not just the everyday Sisyphean work environment.
Affiliate program:
We offer an affiliate system, which during your work with the system you will also be able to earn proper fees from us for each person who will subscribe to us through your recommendation.
You sign up for the affiliate program and gain access to a rich reseller management panel and display all your earnings.
You have a unique partner link to all of our products (subscription packages) and from there you simply create a campaign, link it to all your groups and pages (pages you’ve given them and pages you own)
And everything will work automatically for you and you’ll earn money without doing anything.
If you find that our system can help you, you are welcome to open an account in the system, to experiment and we are here to fully support any problem.
Open a free account: http://app.agposter.info
For further questions we will be happy
Support Team, AGposter Israel and worldwide